Tarka Stud

Exhibitor and breeder of the mini lop rabbit

Show Results

11/03/2012- Exeter and South West Rabbit Fanciers

Harley 3rd

08/04/2012- South Devon Fanciers Rabbit Club

Chloe 1st +CC, 2nd Best Adult Lop, 2nd Best lop A/Age

Harley 2nd

06/05/12- Southern Championship Show

Tommy 3rd out of 12

13/05/2012- Exeter and South West Rabbit Fanciers

Harley 3rd

Tommy 1st + CC

09/06/2012- Devon & Cornwall Lop Circle

Tommy 1st + CC

09/06/2012- Royal Cornwall Show

Harley 2nd

05/08/12- Gloucester Rabbit Club

Tommy 2nd

Diesel 1st

Wilson 1st + CC

Jimmy 2nd

Exeter Show- 16.09.12

 Jimmy 1st CC 2*, BOB, 1st CC 1*, BOB and 1st in Lop challange Adult

Diesel 1st CC 2* and 1st CC 1*

Wilson 1st CC 1* and 2nd *


28.10.12- South Devon

Tommy 1st + CC 1* and 1st +CC 2*

Claudio 2nd 2* and 1st + CC, BOB, Best Adult Lop 1*




Tommy 1st + CC, BOB and 3rd in Lop Challange